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Replenish Your Skin with Soothing Facial Mask Treatments in The Woodlands

Revive dull, tired skin instantly with our deeply nourishing facial mask therapies customized to meet your unique skin goals. Infuse moisture, nutrients, and soothing properties into your complexion while combating visible signs of aging.

The Benefits of Specialty Masks

Our high-performance masks provide advantages over at-home varieties by:

  • Using cosmeceutical-grade formulas for amplified effectiveness
  • Allowing deeper penetration of key ingredients
  • Improving absorption of serums layered underneath
  • Pairing beautifully with other rejuvenating treatments

Skylar's Mask Menu

Eye Mask

Banish visible signs of fatigue from the delicate eye area with this peptide-powered treatment. It works to quickly to diminish dark circles, puffiness, crow's feet, dehydration, and dullness around the eyes for a wide-awake refreshed appearance.

Hydrojelly Clarifying Mask

This incredibly lightweight aqua-based jelly mask provides a surge of pore-purifying botanicals to eliminate impurities and oil without drying.

The breathable formula visibly calms inflammation and redness while delivering a complex of nature’s most powerful humectants for lasting hydration. Skin looks remarkably clear, refreshed, and balanced.

Spray Tanning

What to Expect

Based on your skin needs, we select a customized mask to best target concerns like dryness, congestion, or loss of firmness. After cleansing the skin, we apply the cooling, silky mask across your face and/or eye area. Relax while the active solution hydrates and restores.

Inspiring Confidence

Enhance Other Treatments with Targeted Masks

Mask treatments also make for fabulous complements to our other clinical services like chemical peels, facials, and LED light therapy. The masks boost results by supplying deep hydration into newly revealed skin, allowing serums to absorb optimally. They also tackle post-treatment concerns like puffiness and congestion through natural botanicals.

Give your overall treatment plan a boost by adding one of our specialty masks to your next chemical peel, facial, or LED session.


Definitely! Our masks boost the absorption of serums and creams used alongside. Pair your chosen mask with microdermabrasion, peels, or LED light therapy for amplified correction.

Yes, our professional masks feature medical-grade formulas with higher active concentrations tailored to produce better results for common skincare goals like hydration and clarifying.

Arrive with a freshly cleansed, dry face. Avoid active acne breakouts and skin infections. We handle any required preparation once you arrive to optimize your experience.

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