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Get Picture-Perfect Lashes With A Lash Lift In The Woodlands

Tired of spending time curling your lashes every morning? Our lash lift services give you instant eyelash curls that last up to 8 weeks. Imagine waking up with perfectly perky lashes every day!

At Skylar Grace, our lash lifts give you instant yet natural-looking eyelash curls that last 6-8 weeks. Our certified technicians customize the treatment to fit your eye shape and lift your lashes for your desired look. The results are subtle yet stunning—you’ll have the beautiful, uplifted lashes you’ve always wanted - without a hint of mascara.

What Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift gently perms your natural lashes into an upward curl that lasts for weeks. We use safe silicone rods to lift and set your lashes in place. This creates a very natural-looking curl that’s indistinguishable from naturally curly lashes!

While the curls last up to 2 months, we suggest touch-ups every 6-8 weeks. This maintains your lush lift as new lashes grow in. Lash lifts are safe, relaxing, and the perfect way to cut down your beauty routine while still looking flawless.

The Woodlands’ Lash Lift Destination

Lash lifts from our certified technicians offer many advantages:

  • Long-lasting curl—no daily lash curler needed
  • Swim and shower proof—lashes stay lifted when wet
  • Low maintenance—skip the daily mascara routine
  • Subtle yet stunning—enhanced natural beauty
  • Look well-rested and radiant around the clock
Lash Lift

Amp Up Your Lift With A Lash Tint

Take your new lash lift to the next level by adding a lash tint service. A tint infuses your eyelashes with long-lasting color for extra definition and drama.

Our technicians will help you select the perfect shade to complement your lift. Options range from soft and natural to bold and vampy. The tinting process takes about 30 minutes.

With an optional lash tint service at Skylar Grace, you can customize our lifts for your perfect level of eyelash enhancement. Wake up gorgeous every morning with lifted, tinted lashes ready to impress!

Combined with a lift, a lash tint offers:

  • 4+ weeks of lush, darkened lashes
  • Serious enhancement for your eyes
  • Definition that makes lashes pop
  • No need for mascara touch-ups
  • All eyes on you with your new bombshell lashes
Inspiring Confidence

What to Expect with a Lash Lift

We’ll discuss your lash goals and customize the optimal curl and look to accentuate your features. The lift itself takes under an hour with minimal discomfort.

We provide detailed aftercare instructions for maximum results. Your first touch-up is 4-6 weeks later, with maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

Enjoy easy, beautiful lashes that lift your look!


Lash Lift Questions

A lash lift can last 6-8 weeks depending on your individual lash growth cycle. As your natural lashes shed and regrow, the lifted lashes will gradually be replaced by new untreated lashes. Touch-up appointments every 6-8 weeks are recommended to maintain the lifted look.

When performed properly by a trained professional, a lash lift does not damage natural lashes. We use a gentle perm solution and silicone rods to create the lift. We also treat your lashes with a conditioning keratin treatment after the lift to nourish lashes and enhance their strength and flexibility. Our products and process are designed to lift your lashes without causing any breakage or brittleness.

Yes! A lift curls the natural lashes first to allow extensions to fan off the uplifted base for a boost. Perming results in fewer extensions needed along the lash line too.

We recommend getting a lift 2 weeks before your extension refill appointment. That gives the lifted base maximum curl to allow new extensions to fan off the perked natural hairs seamlessly. This extends the fill duration too.

Yes, you can wear mascara after a lash lift, but we recommend waiting 24 hours first. Oil-free mascaras are best for maintaining the lift, as oil-based formulas can cause the lashes to droop over time. Mascara is optional, as a lift gives your lashes a dark, lush look on its own.

No. One of the main benefits of a lash lift is that it curls your natural lashes so you don't need to use an eyelash curler anymore. Your lifted lashes will retain their upward curl throughout the day without the need for touch-ups. An eyelash curler is not necessary and should be avoided right after a lash lift, as it could disturb the rods used to set the lifted curl.

Yes! A lash lift can perk up sagging extensions by curling the natural lashes to lift the attached extensions upward into a freshly fanned style. This helps rejuvenate their look between fills.

Adding semi-permanent tint to a lift provides richer pigment along the lash line for added everyday definition that makes eyes pop. No need to apply mascara for seriously enhanced eyes.

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