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Get Bombshell Eyes with Lash Extensions in The Woodlands

Wish you could wake up with a striking yet natural gaze that stays immaculate from sunup to sundown? Our salon offers customized lash extension application for eye-opening impact that lasts. With full, fanned out lashes, you’ll cut your beauty routine time while looking glam daily.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic lashes applied to your existing natural lashes for enhancement. Tiny extension fibers are bonded to each individual eyelash using an adhesive to add length, thickness, curl and dark pigment that complements your eyes beautifully.

The Benefits of Lash Extensions

Having your lashes professionally extended offers advantages:

  • Awakened gorgeous eyes
  • Cuts time from daily makeup routine
  • Custom-designed for your eyes
  • Light yet dramatic enhancement
  • Lift frames eyes beautifully
  • Lasts through all activities
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Our Lash Extension Menu

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are the most natural-looking type of lash extensions.

  • One synthetic lash extension is applied to each of your natural lashes
  • The extensions are sized to match the thickness of your natural lashes
  • The focus is on adding subtle fullness and length
  • The result is very natural looking, just slightly enhanced
  • Great for first-timers or those who want something understated

The classic lash application creates a soft, natural enhancement that opens up your eyes. The extensions blend seamlessly with your real lashes, with no obvious fakes or clumping.

Fairy Lashes

Fairy lashes create a subtly enhanced, ethereal gaze.

  • These use lighter, wispier extensions than classic or hybrid sets
  • The synthetic lashes are extremely fine and clustered into micro-fans
  • Fairy fans mostly extend the length rather than thickness
  • They are perfect for achieving dreamy, romantic enhancement
  • OFairy lashes get their name from the delicate, fluttery look they achieve

With proper isolation and precision bonding, fairy lashes offer whimsical refinement to your natural gaze.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes create an ultra-glam enhancement.

  • The fans contain very thin lightweight lashes to prevent heaviness
  • Volume sets maximize width, curl and dramatic fanning impact
  • Volume fans help lashes appear thicker overall compared to classic or hybrid sets
  • Multiple thin lashes are pre-bundled then bonded to your individual real lashes
  • The volume look packs high impact, perfect for glam events, photo shoots, parties, and making a statement

Volume lash extensions offer a customizable, head-turning look!

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes incorporate both classic lash extensions and volume fans for customizable fullness and drama.

  • Hybrid lashes combine classic lash extensions and volume fan lashes
  • A few volume fans are applied at the base of the lash line for boldness
  • Volume fans have 2-6 thin synthetic lashes fanned out in one extension
  • The fans create lush, eye-opening volume at the roots of your natural lashes
  • This style is ideal for those desiring an eye-catching but well-blended enhancement

The combination of volume and classics in hybrid lash sets provides customizable glam that flatters.

Wispy Lashes

Wispy lashes create subtly enhanced natural beauty and get their name from the soft, delicate look they provide.

  • The extensions applied are thinner and lighter than classics
  • Fans mostly extend length rather than density
  • The wispy fans combine with natural lashes seamlessly
  • The effect is lighter, dispersed fullness and flutter
  • The effect is lighter, dispersed fullness and flutter

The effect is lighter, dispersed fullness and flutter

High Quality products and ingredients

High quality products and ingredients

Professionally-trained beauty

Professionally-trained beauty experts

Hypoallergenic products

Hypoallergenic products

Inspiring Confidence

How Do I Choose The Right Type of Lash Extensions?

Consider your lifestyle and preferences. Those with low-maintenance routines often prefer classic lashes for their subtle enhancement. Volume or hybrid lashes need more care.

Think about the look you want to achieve. Classic lashes add light, natural fullness, while dramatic volume sets create an eye-catching bombshell vibe. Hybrids offer both.

Discuss your needs and expectations openly and we can make expert recommendations tailored to your lifestyle, preferences, natural lashes, and overall vision to help select the extensions that will work best.

The Lash Extension Application Process

Classic lashes are the most natural-looking type of lash extensions.

To begin, your technician helps you select an extension type, curl, length, and desired fullness. We perform a sensitivity test to ensure safety. You relax during the application. Expert isolation of lashes and precision bonding achieves striking eyes.

We suggest avoiding oil-based products around the eye area which can break down the adhesive bonds prematurely. Book your maintenance fill appointment in 3-4 weeks to maintain your fabulous lashes seamlessly.

Contact us to schedule your bombshell lash extension appointment!


Lash Extensions Questions

With proper aftercare, lash extensions typically last 4-6 weeks as natural lashes shed. Touch-up fill appointments every 2-3 weeks replace shed lashes seamlessly so you maintain your fabulous look.

When applied correctly by our trained technicians using quality adhesives and safe application techniques, extensions do not damage natural lashes or follicles. However, lash damage can result from improper application and removal methods.

Avoid water exposure like swimming, hot tubs, steam rooms, and facial treatments for the first 48 hours to allow the adhesive to cure fully. Also take care with eye rubbing and oil-based eye makeup, which can cause early shedding. Extensions are safe for most activities when bonded correctly.

Avoid water around the eyes for 48 hours, then cleanse gently with oil-free makeup remover. Do not rub your eyes, but rather dab products around the eye area. Use an oil-free lash-safe mascara and serum. Avoid oil-based eye creams or waterproof mascara, which can break down the bonds prematurely.

Yes, feel free to apply oil-free powder and pencil eyeliners and eyeshadows as usual. Use gentle removal and avoid rubbing. Be mindful of tugging on the fine extensions, which could cause premature shedding when removing makeup around the eyes.

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