Brow Lamination

Define Your Arches with Brow Waxing Services in The Woodlands

Tired of tweezing stray brow hairs daily? Eyebrow waxing shapes your arches instantly and precisely for 4-6 weeks of definition. No more messing with brow pencils to fill sparse areas or razors that leave uneven lines. Our aestheticians are brow experts who customize the perfect shape to complement your facial features.

Through tailoring the technique, wax temperature, and pressure to your needs, we reveal your most flawless brows. Our brow menu includes full shaping as well as targeted waxing for stray hairs:

Brow Sculpting Services include:

  • Full Brow Shape
  • Tweeze & Tidy
  • Eyebrow Tint Add-on

Leave waxing to the professionals for expert arches every time.

The Benefits of Brow Waxing

Having your brows professionally waxed offers many perks:

  • Long-lasting precision shape
  • Trains hairs over time
  • No cuts or nicks
  • Removes more hair than tweezing
  • Tailored to your preferences
  • Optional brow tinting

What to Expect at Your Appointment

During your visit, your brow artist will discuss the look you wish to achieve whether a high arch, soft and natural shape, or clean polish. We assess your growth patterns, skin sensitivity, and current shape to determine the proper brow waxing technique.

Next, we cleanse and powder the brow area to optimize adhesion. Your aesthetician applies the hard or soft wax following the direction of your hair growth then removes it swiftly against the direction of growth. This lifts the hairs quickly from the follicle for precise shaping. We focus on getting every stray hair for the most defined result.

The complete sculpting service takes 20-30 minutes. Optional tinting adds another 10 minutes. We finish by soothing any residual redness and suggest aftercare to prevent ingrown hairs.

Keep Your Freshly Waxed Brows Longer

Consistent waxing every 4-6 weeks trains the hairs to grow back sparser over time. Exfoliate regularly and do not tweeze between waxes. Let us know if any ingrown hairs develop so we can properly extract them.

Want to take your brows to the next level? Consider our lamination services to achieve fuller shape and color.

Flawless Arches for Your Features

Brow waxing lifts and defines your gaze for a polished, put-together vibe. No need to spend time penciling or filling when you can have naturally gorgeous arches shaped specifically for you each month. Contact our salon in The Woodlands to book your brow waxing appointment today.

Spray Tanning

Redefine Your Shape with Brow Reshaping

If it's been a while since your last waxing or if you're new to waxing services, your aesthetician may recommend two or more sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart for a brow shaping overhaul.

This allows for more significant reshaping in a gradual manner as hair cycles through new growth phases. With each waxing, your technician can safely remove more bulk to incrementally transform your arches for an ideal yet natural look.

For those who have over-plucked or want to achieve a drastically different brow shape than your natural growth pattern allows, multiple waxing appointments are key. This trains hairs steadily into an optimal shape over time. Each reshaping session takes around 30 minutes.

In between appointments:

  • Do not tweeze or wax brows at home
  • Use brow nourishing serum
  • Carefully pencil arches if you want fuller temporary appearance

With consistent reshaping, your brow hairs learn to grow into the desired outline framed for your facial features and preferences. Let our brow experts redesign your arches!

Inspiring Confidence

Boost Your Brows with Tinting Add-Ons

Take your flawless waxed arches to the next level with our brow tinting add on services. A semi-permanent tint incorporates long-lasting pigment into brow hairs for 4-6 weeks of lush color and definition. No need for daily filling and penciling!

Here are the tint benefits when combined with brow waxing:

  • Richer color and depth
  • Perfectly filled shape
  • Eliminates daily make up application
  • Enjoy dark, defined arches, even without sculpting
  • Compliments all hair colors

Our brow experts help you select a brow tint shade that harmonizes with your hair color for a natural enhancement. For those with sparse areas, tint is applied just to areas with hair growth to prevent obvious demarcation lines.

The tinting process takes about 10 minutes and requires no additional aftercare. For flawless, perfectly groomed brows that are sculpted and pigmented for a month at a time with no daily effort, add our brow tint onto your waxing service. Dramatically boost your gaze with this dynamic duo!


We recommend maintenance waxing every 4-6 weeks as the hair regrows. Letting brows grow out fully reverses the shaping work. Consistent waxing keeps them neater between appointments.

No - waxing does not alter the thickness or density of regrowth long term. However, new hairs may initially feel coarser as the waxing process blunts the tapered ends. Stay diligent with monthly waxing for the finest, sparser regrowth over time.

Avoid heat - hot showers, saunas, exercise, sun exposure, and skin treatments - for 24 hours which can inflame follicles. Do not exfoliate chemically or manually for 48 hours. Avoid makeup on waxed skin the first 12 hours. Gently cleanse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Follicle inflammation from waxing causes temporary red bumps and minor swelling in some, which subsides within a day. Use our soothing gel and avoid irritants until swelling resolves. Note any persistent bumps as they may indicate infected hair trapped under the skin requiring extraction.

For bushy brows, trim longer hairs 24 hours pre-wax so wax can better adhere to the skin versus just the hair lengths. Avoid any irritants to the area the day before as well. Taking an antihistamine 30 minutes prior can also minimize swelling for sensitive skin prone to raised bumps.

Yes, but stop prescription acne creams 24 hours beforehand to avoid increased redness and irritation. Do not use any acids or retinols near waxed areas until skin fully heals. Inform your technician about any medications at your appointment.

Contact Skylar Grace for expert brow waxing services tailored just for you!

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