Brows Tinting

Define Your Brows with Tinting Services in The Woodlands

Wish you could wake up with lush, darkened brows that stay immaculately filled all day? Our salon offers brow tinting services that incorporate semi-permanent pigment into hairs for 4-6 weeks of color and definition.

Brow tinting enhances your natural shape with a customizable hue to suit your complexion. Plus it eliminates the need for daily brow makeup. For flawless wear-and-go arches between sculpting sessions, rely on our expert tinting.

The Benefits of Brow Tinting

Having your brows professionally tinted offers many advantages:

  • Perfectly filled arches without makeup
  • Long lasting rich color - up to 6 weeks
  • Enhances all hair colors and skin tones
  • Ideal for sparse areas with patchiness
  • Complements brow shaping services
  • Subtle and natural looking when done properly
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What to Expect at Your Tinting Service Appointment

To begin your service, your brow artist helps select an ideal tint shade to harmonize with your hair color and undertone. We perform a patch test to establish safety and color accuracy. We cleanse the brow area, then meticulously apply tint with a brush, leaving no hair untouched.

The process takes just 10-15 minutes for the tint to develop fully. We suggest avoiding water exposure for 24 hours as the tint continues to set. Book your maintenance touch-ups every 4-6 weeks.

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Maintain Your Fresh Tint Between Appointments

To make your tint last 4-6 weeks, avoid abrasive facial scrubs and chemical peels which can strip color prematurely. Use a gentle cleanser and hydrating brow gel. If you undergo waxing or other hair removal during the period, have tint applied just to areas with regrowth to prevent a noticeable line of demarcation.

Boost Your Brows Further with Add-On Services

Enhance tinting results even more by pairing with our other brow services. For seriously fuller shape, combine tinting with our brow lamination service. This perms hairs in an upward style so tint can penetrate every strand for a uniform color.

For tidy polished arches, book tinting right after your brow waxing session. Sculpting the shape beforehand allows the tint to stain solely the hair without getting on the skin. The duo leaves flawlessly filled and defined brows for weeks with no daily work.

Take your brows to the next level by coupling professional tinting with other brow services. Contact us in The Woodlands to schedule.


Brows Tinting Questions

When done properly by our trained technicians, eyebrow tinting does not damage the hairs or follicles. We use gentle, non-irritating tint solutions designed specifically for sensitive brow skin.

Avoid wetting brows for 24 hours post-tinting to seal in pigment. Use a gentle cleanser and brow gel for 2 weeks.

Come with clean brows. Inform us of any sensitivities, allergies or skin conditions beforehand.

Yes, tint is applied precisely just to areas with existing hair growth. This provides the look of fuller, darker brows by perfecting fills color into sparse zones.

Yes, our professional tint formulas effectively stain and cover stubborn grey/white brow hairs for seamless coverage across arches. The results last about 4-6 weeks.

Avoid any chemical peels, threading or waxing on tinted brows for at least 2 weeks, and no additional tinting for 4 weeks. This allows the initial application to fully set without stripping the pigment. Brow shaping is OK after 2 weeks if done very gently around the tinted hairs.

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