Brow Lamination

Achieve Full, Feathered Brows with Lamination in The Woodlands

Wish you had brows that stayed perfectly groomed from dawn till dusk? Our eyebrow lamination gives your arches instant texture and shape that lasts 6-8 weeks.

At Skylar Grace, our brow artists offer eyebrow lamination that perms and conditions each hair to stay brushed up and in place. No more need to pencil, powder, or pomade unruly brows. Our experts customize the treatment to complement your features with fuller, bolder brows or soft feathered definition.

What Is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent brow treatment that perms hairs in an upward style using a keratin solution and setting lotion. A nurturing serum also penetrates each strand to condition brows. Silicone rods may be used to further define the shape.

While lamination lasts 4-6 weeks, touch-ups every 6-8 weeks maintain your fresh look as eyebrow hairs naturally shed and regrow. Lamination lifts uncooperative hairs for the perfect texture that frames your eyes beautifully.

The Woodlands' Destination For Eyebrow Lamination

The benefits our certified specialists offer include:

  • Long-lasting style
  • Water and humidity-resistant hold
  • Low-maintenance, polished look
  • Enhanced natural shape
  • Saves time in your morning routine
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What to Expect with Brow Lamination

Before your brow lamination treatment, we'll discuss your eyebrow goals - desired shape, brow shape, fuller and bolder or soft and natural - to determine the best perm technique. The brow lamination process takes about an hour with little discomfort.

Brow Lamination Aftercare

After your brow lamination treatment, avoid applying makeup or water to the eye area for 24-48 hours. Contact us if you notice any irritation. We recommend touch-ups every 6-8 weeks as new brow hairs grow in to maintain your texture.

Inspiring Confidence

Boost Your Brows with Professional Tinting

Add striking color to lamination with our brow tinting services. Tint boosts definition for seriously stunning arches. Our brow experts help select the right hue to complement your hair color and skin tone. For perfect framing of your eyes all month long, pair brow lamination and tinting.

Contact us to schedule your brow tint and lamination makeover!


Eyebrow Lamination Questions

Brow lamination can last 4-6 weeks. As your natural eyebrow hairs shed, the treated hairs are gradually replaced by new untreated hair growth. Maintenance visits every 6-8 weeks help touch up new growth.

When performed properly, brow lamination does not damage the hair follicles or brows. Our certified technicians use gentle solutions and techniques designed to perm hairs without breakage. A nourishing eyebrow gel or serum also conditions brows.

Avoid wetting brows or applying makeup for 24-48 hours to set the lamination. Use a nourishing brow gel daily. For at least one week, do not expose brows to steam rooms, saunas, or chlorine, which can loosen bonds prematurely.

The brow lamination cost varies depending on factors like additional services. However, it is generally an affordable beauty treatment and a great option for enhancing thin or sparse brows.

Yes, you can continue your normal brow grooming and maintenance after lamination. Just be extra gentle when tweezing to avoid disturbing newly permed hairs. The results will last between brow waxing and tweezing sessions.

Lamination works on your existing natural brows while microblading implants pigment under the top layer of skin for a semi-permanent tattooed makeup look. The two services can be combined for enhanced color and hold.

The best results come from brows with some bulk and length to the hairs, which can be effectively permed into place. Those with sparse patches may not have enough natural hairs to lift.

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