Rapid vs. Traditional Spray Tans: Which is Right for You?

Rapid vs. Traditional Spray Tans: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to sunless tanning, you have two main options - rapid spray tans that develop quickly or traditional tans that take 6-8 hours. But what's the difference, and which is best for your needs? We break it down in this comprehensive guide.

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How do Rapid Tans Work?

Rapid spray tans use a unique formulation that allows the DHA (the active ingredient that reacts with the skin to 'tan') to work faster. The ingredients are designed to accelerate the activation and release of DHA, so it starts turning skin bronze in just 1-4 hours.

The same lasting results are achieved as a traditional tan, just more quickly. This is done through a proprietary process that rapidly speeds up development time. Rather than waiting 8+ hours, you can rinse off a rapid tan in as little as 30 minutes!

Rapid solutions come with recommended minimum development times, like 2 or 4 hours, before rinsing. But remember that even if you rinse off early, your tan will continue developing for the next 24 hours.

Will a Rapid Tan Last as Long?

Yes, a rapid spray tan lasts just as long as a traditional tan! The accelerated DHA still reacts fully with your skin over 8-12 hours, so the result is the same. Rinsing off early only removes the bronzers temporarily.

It's common to see the initial bronzing wash away when you rinse off a rapid tan. This is normal. Your underlying, longer-lasting DHA color will return and continue to develop into the next day.

Proper moisturizing and exfoliating between sessions makes both rapid and traditional tans last 5-10 days on most skin types. There is no difference in longevity.

The Benefits of Rapid Spray Tanning

Several advantages make rapid tans a popular choice:

Speed- Get your glow in just 1-4 hours instead of waiting overnight

Convenience- Shower, exercise, run errands, or sleep after tanning instead of waiting idly

Scheduling- Great for last-minute needs or busy schedules with narrow windows for tanning

Weather-proofing- Rinse off quickly before rain, snow, or humidity can affect the tan

New Moms- Shower and tan between nursing without extended wait times

Rapid tans give you flexibility and considerably reduce the waiting time over traditional tans. They deliver the same beautiful results.

Finding the Right Tan for You

When deciding between rapid and traditional tanning, consider your schedule, how soon you need results, your skin tone, and your desired depth of color. Those needing quick, same-day tanning will benefit most from rapid solutions. Traditional formulas may be a better fit if you can tan a day or two before your event for a more customizable color. Discuss your needs with your technician to find your perfect spray tanning match!

Frequently Asked Rapid Tanning Questions

Yes! Once rinsed, a rapid tan won't smudge or transfer onto clothes like traditional tans can. Go ahead and swim, work out, snuggle babies, etc. Just don't use soap/shampoo until after the full development time.

Rapid solutions don't use percentages or levels. Your technician adjusts the application to control the depth of color. To build desired darkness, traditional tans have specific strengths like 8%, 10%, 12%, etc..

This is just the cosmetic bronzers washing off. Your underlying DHA tan is still developing and will return in the next 24 hours. It's normal for the initial tan to appear lighter after rinsing.

It depends on the timeline. For same-day tanning, rapid solutions allow you to tan, rinse, and get camera-ready quickly. If you have 1-2 days before the shoot, traditional tans are great for maximizing dark results.

Yes, proper aftercare is important for rapid and traditional tans to get the most extended wear and avoid uneven fading. Moisturize daily, exfoliate gently before reapplication and avoid products/activities that remove color prematurely.

No worries - rapid tans don't overdevelop if left on longer. Your color will be a bit darker than if you had rinsed earlier. The DHA develops more like a dimmer switch than set percentages.

Get Your Perfect Sunless Glow

Whether you choose rapid or traditional spray tanning, our expert technicians will deliver flawless, customized results. Contact us today to discuss the best solution for your needs and schedule your next spray tan!