How to Get the Perfect Competition Spray Tan for Bodybuilding

How to Get the Perfect Competition Spray Tan for Bodybuilding

Competing in a bodybuilding show requires dedication, hard work, and the right look when you step on stage. An ideal competition spray tan can enhance muscle definition and give you a polished, uniform appearance under bright lights. This guide covers how to get a flawless competition tan for bodybuilding.

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Why Spray Tanning is Crucial for Bodybuilding Competitions

A competition-quality spray tan serves multiple purposes:

  • Evens out skin tone and hides imperfections like stretch marks or scars
  • Creates visual contrast between your skin and the stage lighting
  • Defines and highlights muscle definition for the judges
  • Provides a uniform, polished look among competitors

Without spray tanning, it's easy to look washed out on stage. The right tan ensures your hard work shines through.

How to Prepare for Your Competition Spray Tan

Getting competition-ready is all about the prep. Follow these tips for flawless, natural-looking results:

  • Exfoliate skin 1-2 days pre-tan using a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells and ensure even application.
  • Shave or wax the day before your appointment to avoid irritation. Any visible body hair must be removed.
  • Shower and wash skin thoroughly before arriving product-free - no lotions, makeup, deodorants or perfumes. Bare skin allows optimal tan absorption.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing you don't mind getting spray solution on. Avoid fabrics like wool or polyester that can rub off solution.
  • Discuss your desired tone with your technician. How deep and natural do you want the tan? Mention any problem areas to focus on.
  • Arrive relaxed, hydrated and ready for your transformation into stage-ready glow. We handle the rest!

The Competition Spray Tanning Process

Your expert technician will tailor the session to give you the perfect tone and color for the stage:

  • They will consult with you before your appointment to determine the ideal nuance, tone, and depth of color that will beautifully complement your skin tone under the stage lights.
  • They will use a professional-grade, darker spray tan solution formulated specifically for bodybuilding competitions to deliver rich, natural-looking color.
  • They will strategically apply the solution using slower, more deliberate strokes to sculpt and contour your physique flawlessly.
  • Extra attention will be given to hard-to-reach areas like the underarms and glutes that judges inspect closely.
  • Your technician will expertly blend the tone for a uniform look from head-to-toe, erasing any lines.
  • Multiple coats will be applied to build the desired color intensity to your preference.
  • They can schedule touch-ups or a bronzer finish coat 1-2 days pre-competition to refresh your color.

That's it! We'll have you walking out with a beautiful bronze glow in no time.

Caring for Your Spray Tan Before Competing

To make sure your custom spray tan lasts flawlessly until showtime:

  • Wait for the full development time before rinsing - 8-12 hours for traditional solutions
  • Rinse with lukewarm water only when showering - no hot water or scrubbing
  • Pat dry, then apply moisturizer to the entire body to maintain color
  • Avoid sweating, swimming, or activities causing friction for the first 24 hours
  • Wear loose, dark clothing and keep the tan away from moisture until fully set
  • Get any necessary touch-ups 4-5 days before competing to fix fades

Choosing the Right Spray Tan Solution

Not all spray tans are created equal. For bodybuilding competitions, you need:

  • A darker solution that mimics a deep tan under bright lights
  • Holding power to last through posing without running or rubbing off
  • Bronzers that don't stain suits or skin and rinse clean
  • Carefully crafted tones that never look unnatural or orange

Your technician should select a solution that works with your skin tone to look like a natural sun tan. Don't settle for anything less than flawless!

Get Your Competition Glow

When you step on stage, a quality spray tan can make all the difference. Trust the experts at Skylar Grace Spa to help you look your best. Contact us today to book your competition tanning appointment!