FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Brow Lamination & Tinting

Common Questions, Expert Answers

Are you considering brow lamination or tinting? It's exciting but also natural to have questions. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive FAQ guide to address common concerns and help you make an informed decision.

Workplace Safety

Brow Lamination FAQs

Brow lamination is a non-invasive treatment that restructures the direction of your brow hairs, setting them in a desired position.

Typically, results last 4-6 weeks.

Brow lamination is generally safe for most people. If you have sensitive skin, a patch test is recommended.

No, brow lamination is a painless procedure.

Yes, but it's recommended to avoid makeup for the first 24 hours after treatment.

Brow Tinting FAQs

A semi-permanent dye is applied to your brows, enhancing color, shape, and fullness.

Your brow technician will help you select a shade that seamlessly complements your hair color and skin tone.

A patch test is always advisable, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Results typically last up to 4 weeks, gradually fading over time.

Absolutely! These services work beautifully together, creating maximum fullness and definition.

Additional FAQs

Avoid getting your brows wet for 24 hours, and follow your technician's instructions for optimal results.

If you have very sensitive skin, active skin infections, or have recently had aggressive facial treatments, it's best to consult your doctor or dermatologist first.

Prices vary, but you can contact Skylar Grace Spa for an accurate quote.

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